Do you wish to refer a client?

If you are a health or fitness professional wishing to refer a client for an online consultation, please complete the form.

Upon receipt of your referral we will contact your client directly with instructions on how to commence their online consultation.

We will be sure to communicate progress and outcomes with you.

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How it works…

If you have a client/patient who is struggling with lower back pain or sciatica, we can help.  And they don’t even have to travel.

Online consultations have been shown to be at least as effective as in-person consultations.  Especially for long-standing problems.

Safe in our hands

We have specialised in lower back pain and sciatica evaluation and rehabilitation for nearly 30 years.  Gavin Routledge, our Chief Back Officer and Registered Edinburgh Osteopath (UK) is author of two books on lower back pain.

Our focus is on helping your client to

  • understand the causes of their pain
  • build a plan for long-term rehabilitation and prevention of recurrence

Your client will fill in a detailed online assessment form, which will determine whether we can help or not.  If not, no fee will be payable.  It will also indicate whether a medical referral or further investigation is necessary (e.g. MRI).

Then we’ll have an online chat with them over Skype (or similar).  We can assess active movements via video.

A report will be provided and a plan of action.  We will copy you in on the plan, so that you can help them stick to it.  If your client would rather share the plan with you themselves, we will leave him/her to do that i.e. we will only act in accordance with their preferences and consent.

If you are a health or fitness professional:

  • This report will give you practical guidance on supporting your patient/client in their rehab.
  • You may complete our online course in lower back pain rehab, which you can do at zero cost.

Our mission is to prevent lower back pain and sciatica, and to provide rapid relief to those all ready suffering. We do this through education, physical therapy and movement; and by coaching you to build a stronger back and better health, enabling you to be active for life.