Specialise in the relief and prevention of low back pain and sciatica.

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Our program provides clients with a proven online coaching solution to help relieve and prevent low back pain and sciatica. And it provides you with evidence-based best-practice to treat and support your clients; moving them towards a better life.

It’s an honour to support the clinical and exercise communities in this fight against the world’s leading cause of disability.  We can help sufferers, but we must work together. We must adopt a common purpose, a common language and an uncommon determination.”

– Gavin Routledge MSc, DO(Hons), Clinical Director, Registered Osteopath (UK), two-times author on lower back pain.

osteopath in Edinburgh Gavin Routledge
Physical therapist course on low back pain and sciatica testimonial

I found this course really useful, particularly because I could learn at my own pace. I learned how to be more confident in supporting people with lower back pain. The massive bonus is learning how better to relate to clients experiencing pain, no matter where that pain manifests! Assessment tools, safety protocol, and rehabilitation are well explained. The basic principles are easier to grasp using the ”Cliff of Pain” model. There is nothing overwhelming here. The more technical areas exist to advance your understanding of pain and how to best relay that to your client. The teaching is slow, clear and has lots of reinforcement of the basics.  There are a fantastic range of mobilisations and strengthening exercises. This course offers excellent value for money for 20 hours CPD. I  really enjoyed this course. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Dawn Cowan DRSM

Massage Therapist