Optimal relations with other body parts

Don’t forget that you lower back is only a part of your body, and in many of us it becomes overloaded and painful because it’s under extra load due to other parts of our bodies not working as well as they could, or because we’re constantly carrying an extra load in front.

The back is an extremely robust structure.  For example, if you have stiff hips, or tight hamstrings your lower back will be under increased pressure when you bend forwards.  If your mid back is stiff due to years driving a desk or a car then when you twist, more movement will happen in your lower back, potentially straining it – this is classically true in weekend golfers.

So, use it or lose it, but don’t abuse it applies to your whole body – not just your lower back!

To improve the functioning of your whole body, you may benefit greatly from a discipline such as yoga or pilates or dancing or Tai Chi, always applying the UIOLIBDAI principle.

I’m a huge fan of yoga, which I’ve been doing on an amateur level for over 20 years.

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