Optimal spinal function and tiredness

Of course, it’s not just about standing and sitting well, it’s important that when your spine moves it does so in a way that optimally distributes forces.  If you don’t keep your spine flexible and strong, it is more likely to fail – and this is often when you least expect it.  Remember, the thing you were doing when your back became sore is just the trigger – the thing that pushed you over the edge of the cliff.

It’s not the thing that put you there in the first place.  You need to address risks in order to get back from the edge of the cliff.  Working on your foundation activities and preventer exercises gets you closer to optimal function and further back from that edge.

… But just to give you more to think about, if you have a sudden onset of pain when bending, the strength of your back is less important than how tired or stressed you were at the time – the research shows that back pain is more likely to be triggered by a bend when the person is tired or stressed.

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