The nervous system changes

Another way your nervous system changes is that through lack of use of a body part – in this case your back and all the controlling muscles – the nerve fibres in your brain which control the muscles in your back lose connections with one another.  The less you use the muscles that control and move your spinal joints, the more you lose control over them – this is another example of Use it or lose it.

So, in order to regain control of these muscles, and reduce the risk of future injury, it’s vitally important to steadily increase your use of these muscles, thereby increasing control over them by creating new connections between the nerves that control them.  Trying to keep doing every day activities like walking and bending are the best way to do this, but the reliever and foundation exercises also help in this process.  And if you’ve had lower back pain for more than a couple of weeks the preventer exercises are also important in the long-term.  It really is a case of Use it or lose it!  So, as soon as your pain allows you, start work on the preventer exercises too.

Without working on these everyday movements and exercises, you are likely to remain fearful, and fear is the second biggest risk factor for future back pain.

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