How to relieve AND prevent lower back pain / sciatica

Welcome to the active X virtual clinic.  It’s long be said that knowledge is power, and that’s what you really need to get back from the edge, to be reassured and empowered.  So these trips to the virtual clinic are more than just knowledge – think of them as an essential part of your relief and prevention. There are a huge number of myths around lower back pain and sciatica.

Every day complete your steps up the cliff of pain, so that you are gaining relief AND taking steps back from the edge of another episode. Your journey out of the sea of pain will not be a smooth one – most of us slip back at times.

Combine relievers and preventers so that you are taking the shortest route from pain to being optimally active.  Becoming more confident in different types of activity – especially the ones you fear the most, is your best defence against future pain.

If you’re attempting to build up your walking, then start with what you can manage without the pain getting worse, and very slow build on that.  So, if you can manage 10 minutes walking, then do 10 minutes for 3 days in a row, then do 11 minutes for the next 3 days and so on.  If you have a flare up, wait until the pain settles and go back to the level you were at 2 days before your flare up.  Do not suddenly do 30 minutes if you’ve been doing 11 minutes for example.

Use this approach for exercises, walking, sitting, standing –  pretty much anything that you want to be able to do more of.  And make sure you’re varying your postures – check out the Gym for guidance on that.

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