active X backs online course provides relief and prevention to Lower Back Pain & Sciatica sufferers

1.      Understand the causes of your Lower Back Pain / Sciatica

2.      Create a plan for long-term recovery

·         60% of LBP sufferers will have a recurrence within the next 12 months

·         Exercise is the only known effective LBP preventative. We provide research-verified advice and exercises for sufferers and those who support them.

3.       Follow the plan

How to progress through the course:

1. The Virtual Clinic

Remember “Knowledge is Power”?  The chances are very high that a lot of what you think you know about lower back pain and sciatica is wrong – very wrong.  So much of what you do is driven by your belief system, and if your beliefs are based on incorrect information, I’ll bet you’re doing and thinking a lot of the wrong things.

DO NOT SKIP your trips to the Virtual Clinic – new thinking is essential!


2. Mindfulness Meditation

It’s optional, but in my experience lots of people struggle with pain, and there’s increasing evidence that meditation helps with the pain (and reduces need for medication).


3. Attending the Gym PAID-FOR COURSE

The paid-for course of progressive exercises takes you from where you are to where you need to be to minimise the risk that your back pain will return AND to offer short-term relief. You can drop in and out of the Gym at your convenience – just make sure to visit it every day! 😉

Foundation Activities are things that we do every day that you need to get better at – it’s part of preventing recurrences.

Relievers are exercises (and other tactics) which will ease your pain.

Preventers are exactly that, and remember “Prevention is better than cure”.  This is the only way to minimise the risk of recurrence… get as far back from the edge as possible!



As you are a “virtual client” of ours, please read the below – it’s for your own safety.  If you answer yes to any of the below questions, we advise you to consult your doctor about your pain.

Compared with during your waking day, is your pain worse when trying to sleep?
Have you lost any great amount of weight without meaning to over the last year?
Have you been diagnosed with cancer at any time?
Have you had back surgery in the last 2 years?
Do you have any numbness (lack of sensation) or pins and needles around your genitals/pelvic floor area?
Do you have any difficulty urinating or defecating?
Have you had any recent change in sexual function (loss of feeling, erection, ability to orgasm)?
Have you suffered any accidents recently that in any way could impact on your back?
Have you been on a prolonged (months/years) course of oral steroids in the past or now?
Have you had a persistent high temperature recently?


Before you dive into the course, let’s clear something up.  In order to get better and stay better, your goal has to be a lot more ambitious than “I don’t want that pain again.”  You see, to remain pain-free you have to get right back from the edge of the cliff.  That’s described in much healthier terms than “I don’t want that pain again”.  I’ve seen thousands of people who don’t want that pain again, but this is far too limiting a goal, because as soon as the pain goes away, it’s most likely you will return to your old habits.  Most people don’t have sufficient motivation to maintain the exercises, postural changes etc. Having a much bigger health goal has many benefits in addition to avoiding future back pain.

So, write down your back-related-health-related goal.  You may be aiming for 3 months from now, or a year from now.  Commit to it.

Click here for Lesson 1 on the online course for lower back pain and sciatica.