The most comprehensive free online course for the relief of lower back pain and sciatica

Created by Gavin Routledge MSc DO(Hons), osteopath and author of 2 books on lower back pain, Director of The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and Vice Patron of The University College of Osteopathy, London, UK.

Benefits to you

  • Understand the causes

  • How to get relief AND prevention

  • Stop worrying about when the next spasm will hit

  • How to get comfortable in bed

  • How to stand/sit and bend



Lesson 1 How to improve

Lesson 2 Pain is always real

Lesson 3 There are only 3 ways to damage your back

Lesson 4 The relationship between damage and pain

Lesson 5 Promoting the healing process

Lesson 6 No such thing as pain nerves

Lesson 7 The pain pathway

Lesson 8 The pain neurotag

Lesson 9 Pain is an alarm system

Lesson 10 Nerves that fire together wire together

Lesson 11 The nervous system changes

Lesson 12 Optimal spinal alignment

Lesson 13 Optimal spinal function and tiredness

Lesson 14 Optimal relations with other body parts

Lesson 15 Optimal loading Part 1

Lesson 16 Optimal loading Part 2

Lesson 17 Reduce Nociception

Lesson 18 Reduce your central state of alarm

Lesson 19 Desperate discs and nipped nerves

Mindfulness Meditation intro