If you are in a remote location, or if you simply don’t have time for traffic queues, hunting for parking, and waiting times, an online consultation for lower back pain / sciatica will help.

Online consultations have been proven to be as effective, if not better than, in person care.

Online consultations for lower back pain and sciatica

I’ve had occasional lower back pain from time to time over the last few years. And am currently suffering from uncomfortable sciatica/lower back pain. There was no sign of improvement after a few weeks, so I turned to Active X Backs.  A face to face visit was not possible so I have embarked on an Active X Backs online program. Communication has been excellent so far.  And the first online video consultation was professionally carried out, with a plausible diagnosis being made.  Then some pointers to get me started and the next follow up session arranged. Gavin comes across as very knowledgeable and an expert in this field. I look forward to progressing through the program.

Online consultations for lower back pain and sciatica testimonial 1Graeme Ritchie

Increased time gardening was causing me low back pain.  I wanted 3 things – to talk this through, develop a strategy for dealing with it and ensure I was following the right exercise program and techniques.  The osteopath addressed all 3 things, including doing a demo which helped me understand correct exercise technique.  He shared a couple of online videos which also demonstrate the relevant exercises for me.  It was great value.

Online consultations for lower back pain and sciatica testimonial 1Michael Brown

Working long and abnormal hours combined with no access to the gym led me to injuring my back last Friday. Having applied heat and had a bit of a  panic, I booked an online consultation with Gavin. I had fairly low expectations: a virtual diagnosis and treatment plan seemed a little far-fetched, but it turned out to be extremely helpful. Not only were we able to have the normal discussion with ease, Gavin took me through a number of movements that led us to the likely issue. Gavin provided reassurances and  5-point plan which has eased pain and got me back on track. Thanks!

Online consultations for lower back pain and sciatica testimonial 2Mike Riddell

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Many people have benefited from this process.  It can save you a lot of money and wasted time too.

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  2. Best online course for low back pain / sciatica

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