Is Your Back Pain Disturbing Your Sleep?

Find Out How to Improve Your Sleep in this Mini Course that Covers

  • Reasons Your Pain is Worse at Night 
  • Mattress Myths
  • Preparing for Bedtime
  • Positioning Yourself Without Aggravating Pain 
  • Turning Over and Getting Up
  • A Special Note on Medication

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Meet Gavin.

Gavin Routledge has specialised in lower back pain and sciatica for most of his 30 years in practice as a (UK) Registered Osteopath. He has a Masters Degree in Pain Management from the University of Edinburgh, has written two books on lower back pain, and has developed an equation for pain, based in science. This enables him to answer important questions such as “How does pain work?" and "Why is my pain worse now?”

What They Say

"Working long and abnormal hours combined with no access to the gym led me to injuring my back last Friday. A virtual treatment plan seemed a little far-fetched, but it turned out to be extremely helpful…"

- Mike Riddell

"I hurt my lower back in the middle of lockdown and was still in pain 2 weeks later. The program quickly came up with a plan of recovery, followed by a plan of prevention. I have not had any back pain since.  I would definitely recommend it to any of my family and friends."

- Olga Bouton