Free Assessment for Back Pain and Sciatica

Fill in the free assessment for back pain and sciatica (see below for more information on the assessment).  And we’ll get back to you straight away with a plan for relief and prevention.

This assessment is now different to the one often mentioned in the back pain and sciatica podcast.

About this free assessment for back pain and sciatica

We call this assessment the “Backscore”.  It gives you an objective assessment of how much your pain is affecting your everyday life.  This is important because it tells you and us where you’re starting from.

Pain is very hard to quantify.

Is this assessment for back pain and sciatica valid?

The Backscore is based on the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire.  This is a validated clinical tool.  It’s used for assessing the impact of back pain on your life.  We have permission from Professor Roland to reverse the scoring on this test.  The RMDQ give you a score for disability.  The Backscore gives you a score for “ability”.  So, you want to be as close to 100% as possible.  All will become clear after you’ve submitted the test.

Gavin Routledge
Gavin RoutledgeClinical Director
Leads our team of clinicians specialising in low back pain and sciatica.

Reasons to have an online assessment

Having an objective measure for your back pain and sciatica helps us to chart your progress.

Clinical assessments are very subjective.  You will get a different diagnosis from each clinician you see.

Your pain will vary from day to day.  Disability is a less subjective measure.

Doing the assessment online means you don’t have to travel to a clinic (which may aggravate your pain).

Free assessment for back pain and sciatica