Frequently Asked Questions

How to sit with low back pain / sciatica2021-01-20T10:35:12+00:00

Remember there’s no perfect posture, move often, sit tall, use lower back support to avoid fatigue, have hips higher than knee, more…

How to go up and down stairs with low back pain2021-01-20T10:34:07+00:00

Brace your abdominal muscles, get both feet on the same step before taking the next one, might be easier going down backwards, hold onto the rail more…

How to sleep well with low back pain / sciatica2021-01-20T10:41:01+00:00

Reduce pain before going to bed, experiment with pillows for support, ensure mattress offers appropriate support, consider sleeping alone, more…

How can I prevent low back pain?2021-01-20T10:30:28+00:00

First identify the different causes, then reduce them, and stick to this plan more…

How can I relieve my low back pain?2021-01-20T10:29:23+00:00

First identify the different causes, reduce these and any aggravating factors, use manual therapy or analgesics as advised more…

What causes low back pain?2021-02-10T16:28:10+00:00

The main risk factors for low back pain are repetitive loads, heavy loads, sustained loads, stress, obesity, smoking, more….


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