Support sufferers to relieve and prevent lower back pain and sciatica.

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Our program provides your clients with a proven online and face-to-face coaching solution to help relieve and prevent lower back pain and sciatica. And it trains you to support your clients to exercise safely; moving them towards a better life.

If anyone is thinking about doing this course, I would highly recommend it…  The information was super easy to digest, and I never felt overwhelmed with too much in-depth knowledge. The little quizzes were brilliant, and I must admit I was super chuffed to ace them.  Everything I was learning was going in and staying in.

back pain course testimonialCaz Fosker PT

“It feels great to help someone to regain control over their movement and levels of comfort. The sense of reward is enormous.”

– Gavin Routledge MSc, DO(Hons), Clinical Director, Registered Osteopath (UK), two-times author on lower back pain.

osteopath in Edinburgh Gavin Routledge