Please watch the whole video of Hayden’s story (just under 6 minutes).

Why bother? What point am I making? The relief and prevention of lower back pain and sciatica is normally fairly simple. But it isn’t easy. Why don’t most people recover without clinical help? And even when they do, why do so many have recurrent pain?

Because they are very often missing a vital ingredient. I want you to at least think about this early on. So please, watch the video and answer the question below the video afterwards.

This is not a trick question. Please type in all the reasons you can think of, that would explain why Hayden made such a dramatic recovery, and yet you have struggled to recover from your LBP/sciatica problems.

Don’t forget to include your email address and surname (as included when you signed up to this course) so that you get a copy of your answers emailed to you.