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This Access course and the main course combined have been awarded 10 CPD Points by CIMSPA.


Lower Back Pain is the world’s leading cause of disability, affecting 58% of the adult population every year.  Those are your clients, AND your prospective clients.  You can help them, because…

The only proven preventative measures are exercise and education.

In this FREE Access Course you will learn

  • Why diagnoses are usually worthless, and how they often do more harm than good 
  • How to differentiate the types of lower back pain and sciatica based on function
  • The three ways of damaging the lower back
  • How pain works – and why it’s often confusing
  • Which exercises are best for the relief of the different types of pain
  • The rules of successful rehabilitation and prevention
  • Important exercises for the prevention of lower back pain and sciatica
  • The value of education and how AXB delivers it – The Cliff of PainTM and Mount ActiveTM.

N.B. The FREE Access Course refers to the main Active X Backs partner course, which includes original scientific references and a complete review of the clinical guidelines. The FREE course has been simplified, with no scientific references, for ease of reading.

But why not become a fully certified Active X Back partner and benefit from our partnership program? The full course is TOTALLY FREE IF YOU REGISTER IN 2021. priced to be affordable for any movement coach who wants to help clients relieve and prevent lower back pain and sciatica.

The main course covers:

  • Epidemiology, Comorbidities and Risk Factors for Lower Back Pain
  • Red Flags for lower back pain
  • Stratifying by risk of chronicity
  • Determining severity of lower back pain
  • Medication for Lower Back Pain
  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy for lower back pain
  • The Biopsychosocial approach to pain
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Education, staying active in response to lower back pain
  • Exercise
  • Other treatments for lower back pain
  • Investigations for LBP – MRI, X-Ray
  • Review in favour of exercise for lower back pain
  • Yoga for LBP
  • What about the biomechanical?
  • And the psychosocial?
  • Putting it into practice

A Total of 20 hours of CPD.  Successful completion of the end-of-course assessment provides eligibility for Partnership status with Active X Backs.

As an AXB Partner, you can integrate your classes with the Active X Backs online platform which will coach your clients daily.  Registration and use of the site by AXB partners is free (we charge the clients rather than you).  The digital platform keeps you in your clients’ minds daily, and you can review their progress.

All of this for only £119! One-time only fee.

TOTALLY FREE IN 2021 – JUST USE “AXB 100% FREE” at checkout. You may then choose (at no additional cost) to become an Active X Backs Partner (you must maintain your professional registration).

back pain course testimonial

If anyone is thinking about doing this course, I would highly recommend it.

As a level 4 personal trainer, I am always eager to learn more to help my clients, and in this case myself. I have suffered with lower back pain since being diagnosed with Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) whilst pregnant with my youngest (now 10yr old child). It’s not always an issue, and I used to shy away from the heavy deadlifts.

I have heard of Dr McGill, and do have some of his books which have been a help.

However, I saw Active X Backs course and thought this could aid in my knowledge. I wasn’t wrong. 

This course was presented in such a way I feel it would suit many learning styles. I find that with nothing but text courses my brain switches off.  Even when it’s a topic I’m passionate about. I find it’s like reading a book; a few paragraphs in and the eyelids are getting heavy! 

So I was super impressed with the videos and text.  I also found the links to YouTube great, including the comedy sketch and Dr McGill himself.

The information was super easy to digest, and I never felt overwhelmed with too much in-depth knowledge. The little quizzes were brilliant, and I must admit I was super chuffed to ace them.  Everything I was learning was going in and staying in. 

I would also like to mention, when I reached out to Gavin Routledge, the author of this course, he emailed me straight back, and then emailed CIMSPA to clarify the question I had asked, and then emailed back again with their response. I felt he went above and beyond to help.  So, for that – thank you.  And thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into sharing your knowledge in a manageable way for us all to understand.

Caz Fosker

Personal Trainer

Together we will help people around the world to relieve and prevent low back pain and sciatica. Helping them move towards a better life.