Are you a movement professional wanting to help lower back pain and sciatica sufferers?

This intensive course, created by osteopath and author Gavin Routledge, is all you’ll ever need to know.

This course focuses on lower back pain and sciatica, but the knowledge gained will enable you to feel confident in helping anyone with recurring or persistent pain.  You can expect to better understand and be able to explain

  • How pain works
  • How long-term pain makes it difficult to control movement – an effect of neuroplasticity
  • How the body heals and how to optimise healing
  • How the spine and related structures work

 You will also explore how to build this into your work, delivering this essential knowledge in your own style.

The course is largely an online, mobile-compliant one with optional online webinars and add-on day courses where attendance is necessary.

For further information or to sign-up, please contact us


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