You can choose The Best Back Pain and Sciatica Course to suit you. Active X Backs have been treating low back pain and sciatica for nearly 30 years. Our online coaching service puts you in control – giving you the tools to treat your back pain at home.

  • Stop treating symptoms

  • Identify the hidden causes of your problem

  • Set your goal and stick to the plan

  • Follow a tailored, comprehensive rehabilitation program

  • Reduce or eliminate costly trips to a clinic

24/7/365 support for your lower back pain and sciatica

Coaching via your phone – take control of your pain

Online exercise classes targeting back pain relief and prevention


  • Best Back Pain Sciatica Online Course

8 Week Coaching Program

  • Best Back Pain Sciatica Online Course

8 Week Coaching Program with Gavin

  • Best Back Pain Sciatica Online Course

Specialising in lower back pain prevention

Gavin Routledge is an award-winning Osteopath, specialising in the relief and prevention of lower back pain and sciatica.  After completing a Masters Degree in The Clinical Management of Pain, he developed the Active X Backs online coaching system to empower back pain sufferers to take back control. Gavin, two-times author of books on lower back pain, has helped thousands of patients lead a life free of pain. Take the first step towards your pain-free life now.