Why is low back pain healthcare’s greatest failure?

Why?  Because the only proven prevention is EXERCISE.

But what do sufferers get?

  • Pills
  • Rest
  • Injections
  • Manipulation
  • Massage
  • Surgery

And a confusion of opinions and mixed messages.

None of it helps in preventing pain, and the mixed messages actually promote pain.

12 million people in the UK need YOU!

What low back pain / sciatica sufferers need from AXB

To understand their bodies and how pain works

AXB teaches this

Takes place over 8 weekly webinars, with free access to a clinician.

What low back pain / sciatica sufferers need from you

To gain confidence in moving and moving often

You teach this

Whether in-person or via online classes – the choice is yours.

What else do they need?

To set a goal that's bigger than pain relief and work towards it

The AXB platform supports this

Set goals, monitor progress, support one another.

But which is the best type of exercise?

Whichever one the person will stick to.

We don’t force people to do what a clinician thinks they should do.  Because there are so many different factors involved in creating and maintaining pain this is naive.

We allow them to choose what they want to be able to do.  Because if they choose, they’re more likely to stick to it.

Your job is to coach them to do it in the way that doesn’t aggravate their pain. Over time they will become more and more able.

Because you’ll help them stick to a plan that works.

We provide you and them with the framework.  They set their own goals.  You do what you’re good at.

Edinburgh osteopath facilitates self-help for low back pain and sciatica

“Helping someone to regain control over their movement and levels of comfort is one of the greatest experiences.  The sense of reward is enormous.” – Gavin Routledge MSc, DO, Chief Back Officer at AXB, Registered Osteopath, two-times author on low back pain.

It costs nothing to become an Active X Partner – other than the time taken to complete the online course.