The Best Back Pain Book?

Active X Backs – an effective long-term solution to lower back pain

Gavin Routledge self-published this book in 2017.  The goal was to make it the best back pain book.  Ian Rankin OBE was kind enough to interview Gavin at the launch.

Most of the knowledge in it came from the Masters Degree in Pain Management that Gavin completed at The University of Edinburgh.  But the stories come from nearly  30 years of experience working as an osteopath.  And specialising in lower back pain and sciatica for most of that time.  Gavin wrote it 20 years after his first book.  Harper Collins published The Back Book in 1997 featuring Gavin Hastings OBE as a co-author.

The Best Back Pain Book

It is the ultimate guide to the relief and prevention of lower back pain. It’s a work-book which you will use to create your own plan for recovery. And it draws on the knowledge gained from the heavily illustrated, easy to read text. You will put together your own action plan and exercise program, monitoring your progress with the Backscore.

Although easy to digest, the book is based on international clinical guidelines.  And it has a strong focus on keeping your motivation front and centre. Motivation tends to fade as your pain lessens, so it’s important to have clear, meaningful goals.  Not just “I’d like less back pain.”

Author Gavin Routledge has nearly 30 years of specialising in lower back pain, and is a Gold Medalist from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO).  He’s a past Vice Patron of the BSO and past Director of The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.  Gavin gained a Masters Degree in the Clinical Management of Pain from The University of Edinburgh. He answers questions such as:

  • Why is it painful at night?
  • Which exercises are right for my lower back?
  • Who should I trust to help my back?
  • What is a waste of time?
  • Should I see a doctor?
  • Why does it keep happening?

And many more.