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2708, 2020

Best chair to prevent low back pain

27 August 2020|Categories: Everyday Tips|Tags: , |

What is the best chair to prevent low back pain? You've had months or years of low back pain.  At the very least it's annoying.  At the worst it's totally disabling.  And low back pain causes more disability than Alzheimers, asthma, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined. Because ...

304, 2020

Is my low back pain caused by stress?

3 April 2020|Categories: Causes of Low Back Pain|Tags: |

Is my low back pain caused by stress? The short answer is, "possibly".  But not definitely.  In this article I'll outline why that is the honest answer to "is my low back pain caused by stress?"  You see, pain is complicated.  But I'll break it down. And I'll make ...

204, 2020

Avoid back pain working from home

2 April 2020|Categories: Causes of Low Back Pain|

How do you avoid back pain working from home? This is a big topic.  But you and I have something in common.  Like you, I'm currently working from home.  So I'm well placed to answer it.  Along with 30 years experience as a practising osteopath in Edinburgh.  And having ...

2405, 2016

Hurt my lower back – but how?

24 May 2016|Categories: Causes of Low Back Pain, Diagnosing Low Back Pain, Myth-busting Low Back Pain|Tags: , , , |

Who knew?  There are really only 3 ways to to hurt my lower back.  And I'll bet the same goes for you.  In this post I'll give you an overview.  And in subsequent posts we'll dive a bit deeper into each of them.  In this post we'll cover why ...

709, 2015

How to get my socks on with lower back pain

7 September 2015|Categories: Everyday Tips|Tags: , , , , |

How do I get my socks on when my lower back is really bad?  In common with some of my other patients - I don't.  For some people they go sockless for weeks (don't worry, I won't name and shame you); for me it's for the first hour or ...


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