This episode is entitled “Why is my lower back pain worse on holiday?” and it explains the main possible reasons why this may happen:

  • Inactivity or unaccustomed activity for your lower back
  • Different bed
  • Holiday stress and lower back pain
  • Eating and drinking
  • Fewer distractions from lower back pain

Inactivity or unaccustome activity for your lower back

Lots of people are less active during this season. Maybe you’re not walking to and from work. Maybe you’re not cycling to and from work. Whatever it may be, if you’re less active than normal, it may be the reason why your lower back is worse on holiday. On the flip side, sometimes we tend to do things that we wouldn’t normally do during this season. It could be running, cycling, jumping, lifting weights. Both Inactivity and unaccustomed activity could lead to more lower back pain on holiday.

Different bed on holiday, worse lower back pain

It can certainly be a factor. Whether you’re away in a different bed or not, spending longer in bed could be a factor as well. Are you lying in for longer in the morning? If you’re spending longer in bed, that’s another possible reason for worse lower back pain on holiday.

Holiday stress and lower back pain

Christmas can be a very stressful time, whether that’s because you’re with family or because you’re missing family, you don’t have family to be around. Stress has an impact on your pain levels. Stress in the holiday season is definitely a factor for worse lower back pain on holiday.

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking can drive inflammation. There may be an inflammatory component to your lower back pain. If there’s inflammation in your lower back, certain foods and drink can lead to an increase in it. So watch what you’re eating and drink.

Fewer distractions from lower back pain on holiday

Maybe you’ve got lots more time on your hands. When you’re busy you don’t notice your pain as much, whereas when all busy-ness is lifted off you, your brain can focus more on the sore bits. It could be that during the holidays you have fewer distractions.

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