This episode is entitled “Online consultations for low back pain / sciatica?You will learn:

  • Why online consultations for low back pain / sciatica are as effective as in-person
  • How to choose a provider of online consultations for low back pain / sciatica
  • Where many providers will fail you
  • What our process involves

Why online consultations for low back pain / sciatica are as effective as in-person

Manual therapy is very effective helping people with recent onset lower back pain in the short term, but not as good with lthe ong-term. Manual therapists feel they have to put their hands on you, which could help you feel better in the short term. But it takes time, and that time could be better spent explaining to you exactly what’s wrong with you and helping you co-create a plan. With our expertise, helping you create a plan for recovery and one for prevention. Online consultations give us the opportunity to focus entirely on the information that we impart and the negotiation of a plan of action. That’s why online consultations are as effective as in-person. We spend all our time discussing your problem and coming up with a credible plan of action for the long-term.

How to choose a provider of online consultations for low back pain / sciatica

Specialize. I treat everything from headaches to sprained ankles and everything between. We have people who come to us with a range of different plans. However, Jack of all trades, master of none. If your clinician therapist can help you with pretty much any problem, then how good are they in any one of those individual problems? Look for someone who’s specializing in the problem you have. If you’re looking for someone who does online consultations, look for someone who has experience in doing them, a framework, a system to support you.

Where many providers will fail you

Lots of clinicians may be able to help you understand your problem, but you need support in executing that plan outside the treatment room. What we want you to do is start some new habits, like sitting differently, moving around differently, taking breaks more often, these are establishing new habits and habit change is difficult. You’ll also need to cut out some habits or doing less of them. In order to do that you need and benefit from support outside the consultation.

What our process involves

Book an appointment at, or call us at 0044 (131) 221-1415. We’ll email you a link to an online form. You need to fill it so we can understand your problem before the consultation. In it there’s a Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire with 24 statements. Tick whichever statements apply to you. We total them up to see what state you’re in and what daily activities you’re struggling with. This way we know what areas to focus on. We have a Skype video consultation where you describe your problem and we ask you questions. If you agree, you step back from the camera and go through a few movements, poke and prod at your own back. Although we can’t put our hands on you, we can gain a lot of information about how you’re moving and how tight different bits of you are.

After the consultation, we come up with an evaluation on your problem. We send you information on your specific problem and resources to address it. Then we coach you via your digital devices. We have an app to remind you the things you’ve committed to do and to stop doing. We encourage you to book and pay up front for more than one consultation. Lower back pain / sciatica takes at least three consultations to resolve. Part of our focus is to coach you in subsequent consultations, so you can come back to us with your struggles and we can double down on that. This way we can provide personalized advice and information that goes beyond the prerecorded stuff we sent you after the first consultation. We have packages where you can commit and thus be more likely to stick to it.

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