Edinburgh osteopaths specialising in back pain and sciatica.

There are now more than 100+ Edinburgh Osteopaths, Physios and Chiros.  But we specialise in back pain and sciatica.  That’s what makes us different.

Why do we specialise in back pain and sciatica?

Because low back pain causes more disability globally than any other medical condition.  And we want to make an impact on that.  By specialising, we believe that we have a greater chance of success.

Do you have to be in Edinburgh?

No, we’ve helped people in pain all over the world.  Although we’re good at osteopathic treatment (see our average 5 star reviews), we can help without being in the same room.

We review your back pain and sciatica history to determine whether you need to see one of our Edinburgh Osteopaths, a specialist doctor, or a surgeon.

We use safety questions which are based on internationally accepted clinical guidelines.

24/7/365 telephone answering for emergencies

Specialist coaching online – accessed through any device

Tailored exercise program for relief and prevention

Back pain sufferer consulting an Edinburgh osteopath

Are you looking for an osteopath in Edinburgh?

There are 30+ Edinburgh osteopaths to choose from.  But you’re looking for a specialist, aren’t you?  We have clients all over the world.  In the USA, Canada, Australia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Belgium…

How much time, money and emotional energy have you spent on your pain?  You’ve probably had a different diagnosis from every healthcare professional you’ve consulted. And you’ve more than likely been offered symptomatic treatments – painkillers, manual therapy, injections, surgery or hot-cold packs. But you still haven’t achieved lasting relief.

So, what are you missing?  Or is lasting relief just not possible with osteopathy?

Myths abound

The problem is that very few clinics truly specialise.  And of those that do, very few clinicians really understand the science of pain AND the mechanics of the body. We like to think we’re different.  Check out our google reviews.

Our comprehensive program builds your own tailored plan for long-term relief.  Including exercises and information based on your Functional Assessment.  And we coach you to stick to your plan.

You can do this – with a bit of support.  If you want to correct those myths and misunderstandings, book to see us.  Then go on to achieve long-term relief.  And prevent recurrences of your back pain and sciatica.  Start with the free assessment.  Or book online now.

The recovery was unbelievably fast compared with previous episodes

Gloria B. London, UK

Back pain and sciatica clinic in Edinburgh

You don’t have to be in Edinburgh.  We can help you remotely.  Active X Backs compares your symptoms with the research knowledge base and works out a plan for relief and prevention.

Our protocols are also based on medically accepted evidence and updated as that evidence evolves.  Back pain and sciatica management is constantly evolving.  By specialising, we can stay on top of the latest research evidence.

Active X Backs is based around the needs of people debilitated by back pain and sciatica. Much of our service can be delivered remotely – even if you’re on another continent. But if you want to see an osteopath in Edinburgh, you can do that too.

Our service was co-designed by low back pain and sciatica sufferers in multiple design workshops. We will guide you to relief and prevention.

Edinburgh Osteopaths since 1992

Active X Backs has been providing osteopathic treatment in Edinburgh for over 30 years. Our mission is to help one million people get a better back.  We’ve still a long way to go, and we’d love you to be one of our successes!

Stop continually treating the symptoms

Identify the hidden causes of your problem

Set your goal and stick to the plan

Follow a tailored, comprehensive rehabilitation program

Reduce or eliminate costly trips to a clinic

Nice waking up without pain

I’d had low back pain and sciatica for a few months and been to the doctor and my local therapist. You confidently said I just had to stick to the plan we put together and that it would all be OK. You were spot on! Thanks. It’s so nice waking up without pain!

Lisa Marriage
Active X Customer

Huge thanks

Just wanted to say a huge thanks again. When, over twenty years ago, a surgeon told me to come back in a few years time when I was in a wheelchair because of my back, I can’t tell you what a downer that was. I am certain that following your plan has been a big part of making sure that never happened!

Cameron Doyle
Active X Customer

I can’t believe it

My pain was typically 5 out of 10 but could be as bad as 9 for the last four weeks. It was really terrible after sitting. Two weeks after starting your plan I’m down to 0 out of 10. I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!

Caterina Toniolo
Active X Customer

Frequently asked questions

What causes low back pain?2021-02-10T16:28:10+00:00

The main risk factors for low back pain are repetitive loads, heavy loads, sustained loads, stress, obesity, smoking, more….

How to sleep well with low back pain / sciatica2021-01-20T10:41:01+00:00

Reduce pain before going to bed, experiment with pillows for support, ensure mattress offers appropriate support, consider sleeping alone, more…

How to sit with low back pain / sciatica2021-01-20T10:35:12+00:00

Remember there’s no perfect posture, move often, sit tall, use lower back support to avoid fatigue, have hips higher than knee, more…

How to go up and down stairs with low back pain2021-01-20T10:34:07+00:00

Brace your abdominal muscles, get both feet on the same step before taking the next one, might be easier going down backwards, hold onto the rail more…

How can I prevent low back pain?2021-01-20T10:30:28+00:00

First identify the different causes, then reduce them, and stick to this plan more…

How can I relieve my low back pain?2021-01-20T10:29:23+00:00

First identify the different causes, reduce these and any aggravating factors, use manual therapy or analgesics as advised more…

General Osteopathic Council
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
International Association for the Study of Pain

Clinical Director

Gavin Routledge MSc, DO(Hons), DipIBLM is an award-winning Edinburgh Osteopath and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional.  He is the Clinical Director of Active X Backs – a clinic specialising in back pain and sciatica in Edinburgh.

After completing a Masters Degree in The Clinical Management of Pain, he developed the Active X Backs approach to back pain and sciatica to empower sufferers to take back control. Gavin, two-times author of books on lower back pain, has helped thousands of patients achieve long-term pain relief.  By building a team of brilliant clinicians, he has ensured that you too can take your first step towards relief and prevention now

Edinburgh osteopath specialsing in back pain and sciatica


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